Driving in Scarborough
Ingrid Michaelson’s latest album plays on the stereo; September breeze sweeps through the open windows; the white Chevy Cruze coasts at 50 km/h; and my hands tighten their grip on the wheel, as I drive towards what I considered to be “home” for almost two decades.
MIckey at Babble SoHo
We pushed for the paperwork to apply for an H-1B status; we fought hard for options when we found out I lost in the lottery round; and we exhausted alternatives to let me stay.
Be Kind for Everyone you meet is Fighting a Hard Battle
It's that time of the year where the annual recap blog posts about what was 'in,' what was 'triumphant,' and what was 'learned' make their way onto our newsfeeds and inboxes. Well, this year's theme was 'rejection.'
Pry open the escape hatch, would you?
Writing used to be what I did to delve into myself and hide from reality, reconstructing my own histories and memories. Ever since I lost my job – wait, let me rephrase that. Ever since I knew I was going to lose my job or at least had the bad news hover over me...
Play the lottery
It’s been four weeks to the tee – my last day of work. I told myself that I would write this entry sooner. I even drafted bits of it here and there, but none of it ever seemed to stick. The intent of sitting down and writing this – an explanation of sorts –...
Wisdom teeth out and looking like a grumpy chubby kid
It was meant to be just another routine cleaning - the standard set of x-rays, plaque scraping, brushing, flossing, followed by a joyful exit away with goodie bag in tow (this dentistry goes out of their way with the goodie bag, take a look at my Instagram for proof - but that didn't quite...
Everything is on pause. There aren’t any plans to be made or had. The only continuity I see these days is the greeting of a continuous stream of uncertainty. My physical existence lives suspended, hanging in its self-defined purgatory, whereas my mind finds itself constantly reeling. There is nothing static in my thoughts, they...
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