Old and new passports

New Passport, New Adventures

I’d like to think that I’m a pretty organized person; make it a work responsibility and everything’ll get done, but have it be something on the personal front? It’ll probably get done somewhere down the line but perhaps not in the ideal timeframe.

Take my passport renewal for instance.

I’ve known for quite some time that I’ve had to renew the passport so that it falls in line with the six-month validation rule, but with a propensity to cross the border every now and then, I haven’t really put enough time between myself and the consideration to renew my travel document for another five years. That, and I always thought I could just go to the Consulate in the city and get it done quickly here. Turns out that that such a thing is not possible within the States – you have to mail your passport and renewal application back to Canada and expect up to a twenty business day wait.


Since the six-month line is fast approaching for me (i.e. January) and with the upcoming holidays, I figured that I would get a move on it with a buffer of twenty-seven business days between me and my next flight. You can pretty much picture the hectic scene as I raced to complete “simplified renewal application,” which is actually quite the breeze in comparison to old forms, snap a set of appropriate passport photos nearby (and they knew their stuff, and contradicting Yelp, they do accept credit cards), dash from work to home to fetch a passport, and drop everything off at the UPS store for next-day delivery (since some can accept packages until 8PM and still arrive by the following morning – genius, right?). Heck, I could’ve been their next poster child with that little scenario.

The great thing about “approximately twenty business days” with the passport bureau is that it really doesn’t take all that time – it’s just a good safety net in the event of a sudden influx or if someone is in more need of it than you are (i.e. travel plans). So that scene was two weeks ago, and I came home last night to find a FedEx envelope waiting for me. Inside the oversized envelope (legal size, really?) were my old and new passport with an issue date of Hallowe’en, along with a “checklist” sheet for your brand spankin’ new arrival.

In case you’re wondering why I hold onto my old passport, there are two reasons. The first being the most evident one – the sentimental aspect. I don’t keep or own a lot of things, especially since I’ve moved around quite a bit in the last four years, but there’s something about keeping that small little book with its myriad of stamps of where I’ve been. After all, this little thing has gotten me through all of college. The second reason being that the Brazilian entry visa is still valid, but I have to carry the passport in which it was printed (they don’t transfer). That and it’s just good for records, especially when you are living in a country where you maintain neither permanent residency or citizenship

So here’s to a new passport, and hopefully new adventures.

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