'Silence is the speech of the hollow well'


I’m pouring myself into the void, sometimes knowingly, but other times not quite so. The fact that it all starts so innocently with my hope resting that it was a miscommunication is the default position. I conjure the reasons, “life gets in the way, life is hectic, life is busy,” but then slowly realize that those are valid reasons but just not applicable here.

And so I leave myself waiting, jilted at the altar of send and receive with texts remain unanswered, and emails left unreturned. The optimism that I affix to slowly weens itself for me, leaving to realize that the wall imposed between myself and the other is a deliberate one. There aren’t any excuses, only reasons that I don’t know of.

So what it is that stings are not words – those merely bruise. It is the eventual realization of silence and its overarching presence, which delivers a swift blow when acknowledged. And that hits harder than any words ever could, especially since the end result is that my heart is fractured.

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