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But 2013, You Did Have Your Silver Linings

For every painful thing that has happened in the last year, there have also been these fleeting silver linings. They are the moments in which happiness and pride are found again and reclaimed. The difficulty isn’t so much in acknowledging them in the moment, but rather, the challenges lies in the post-mortem – reminding oneself that good things, too, have happened this past year. Pain and heartache are so pervasive in the everyday that to reconsider the reality is hard to conceive.

And that’s why we need reminders. Here are a few:

  • January: I went to Hong Kong and was greeted with an overwhelming sense of love from my grandparents
  • February: PR firms got to know me better and started moving me up in seating
  • March: Disney told me they would sponsor me
  • April: I was invited to speak on immigration and blogging at NYCreative Interns’ conference
  • May (part one): My then-boss told me she would help me to keep fighting and find a way to stay (and she did her best)
  • May (part two): I was offered an eBook deal for an academic study on online dating and social network sites (which I ended up bailing on)
  • June: My first peer-reviewed journal publication came out
  • July: Someone caught my Hail Mary
  • August: Started a new job at the school
  • September: Had my second academic article published in peer-review journal
  • October: The work I do goes on public display in the form of vitrines, postcards, and other promotional materials
  • December: I had a chance taken with me by being allowed to design our ads that go in The New York Times

Apart from all the accomplishments and making something of what most would consider an impossible situation, I have come to realize that not only do good things still happen, even in the darkest periods, but also reconcile the notion that I can be loved. I’ve had many friends leave me by the wayside, especially in the past year-and-a-half, but I’ve also made new ones and let them into my life, and accept their support and kindness.

Also, having a magical pet wild boar doesn’t hurt.

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